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Why I’m Not Sleeping…

Why I’m Not Sleeping…

It’s a fact that I am just not a great sleeper. But lately, my already disturbed sleeping patterns have grown worse to the point where I just cannot get a good night’s rest!

My hope with this blog is that I can offer insight into Gerson world, and share with you current issues that have an affect on our mutual business. And although I rarely get good sleep, the cause of my current dilemma is a result of occurrences across the world in China. You would never think that something happening so far away could cause challenges for us, but this is the world we live in.

Cartoon Representation of my Exhaustion
Cartoon Representation of my Exhaustion

The biggest challenge for those sourcing in China (like Gerson) used to be so simple: How and where to find the best product from season to season. But now that has really shifted in such a way that designing and finding exciting products is the least of our challenges, and the bulk of our work really begins afterwards. In 2017 – specifically the last 6 months – factories in China have begun experiencing impactful changes to their businesses, which in turn affects importers like Gerson, our customers, and ultimately, the U.S. consumer.

The four areas which have the potential to increase pricing and challenge future deliveries are:

  1. Labor: Many of our products are hand-made, and the younger workers coming into the labor market in China are seeking work environments such as tech companies and newer, more automated facilities. Thus factories are having a tough time finding enough qualified and dedicated workers, which drives up labor costs.
  2. Environment: The Chinese government has their version of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), called the Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP), which has recently begun making a concerted effort to improve environmental conditions throughout the country by the end of 2017. In order to meet their goal, the MEP is currently inspecting and closing thousands of factories that do not conform to their environmental standards. This is challenging deliveries of product being imported from China, as well as driving up costs because factories must invest in equipment to conform.
    Brian Jeffery Beggerly - Smog over Beijing's Forbidden City
    Brian Jeffery Beggerly – Smog over Beijing’s Forbidden City
  3. Packaging: Costs in this area have risen 30% in the last 6 months, and this is on top of price increases in 2016. Shipping cartons, product displays and tagging are all significant components in production of product coming into the U.S.
    Packages Being Transported in China
    Packages Being Transported in China
  4. Currency: Like any other currency, the Chinese Renminbi (RMB) fluctuates against the U.S. dollar. And this year, Chinese factories are losing 3-5% on the exchange rate. As a result, Chinese factories are passing along price increases of 3-5% to cover this gap. (It’s interesting to me that when the currency works in their favor, price decreases are rarely offered..)

The effect of these four obstacles in China both challenge future delivery dates and create price increases which we always try hard to negotiate against. And although this quadruple ‘whammy’ is exceptionally tough to manage, our company strategies are aimed at minimizing the effect they will have on us, and in turn, our customers.

Communication is one of our company’s primary goals this year, and we are committed to sharing information with our retail partners and associates. I believe it is more important that we communicate our plans so that our customers understand and know we are always committed to work hard on their behalf to navigate these choppy waters.

We all have challenges in our respective roles in the world of retail, and supplying WOW product priced competitively and delivered as promised, is our challenge and responsibility.  We don’t want The Gerson Company to ever be responsible for anything less than a great night’s sleep!

On that note, even with the growing obstacles these days in navigating sourcing in China, I realize how small these challenges are compared with the millions of people whose lives have been turned upside-down by the hurricanes.  Our thoughts and prayers are with those suffering, and we are hopeful their lives will return to normalcy in the near future. We want all our customers to know that we are working closely with our many customers who are scrambling to re-open their businesses in the affected areas.

Thank you for your time, and always feel free to reach out to me with your questions and comments!



Photo by Jim Gerson
Photo by Jim Gerson


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Spring and Summer 2018 Draws to a Close

Spring and Summer 2018 Draws to a Close

We are just finishing up our Spring and Summer 2018 Gerson International seasonal program, and it’s a good time to begin reflecting on the results. First, and most importantly, thank you to all our customers for having the faith in Gerson to supply your inventory for the coming season!

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We do not know our final sales numbers yet, but it looks to be very positive. Our overall sales will be up, and orders received by customer compared to the year prior looks very good as well, which is a metric we watch very closely. I was very proud of our seasonal product offering and pricing for Spring and Summer 2018, and we were given credit for this by our repeat customers and the many new retailers who joined our family this year. We have been working hard to improve our customer experience, which I believe also helped our numbers for the season. Though we still have improvements to make, I am encouraged by our customer feedback.

An initiative of The Gerson Company this year is to improve communication with company associates and with our customers, and our company blog is a great way for me to personally connect with all of the Gerson family. I would love to hear back from anyone who might feel passionate about the subjects I address, or would like to suggest interesting topics you want more information about.

Even with all the changes our industry is going through, at the end of the day, this is still a people business. We want those connected to us to feel good about our company, and this blog will hopefully help by providing a little more insight into our thinking and company direction.

My contact information can be found below, and I look forward to hearing any feedback and ideas that will lead to a stronger partnership with us.


Jim Gerson / Direct Line: 913.535.7252


Motion Flame® Sale

25% OFF
Motion Flame® Candles

April 4th to April 18th, 2017

There’s something about a room filled with the warm glow of candlelight;
our Motion Flame® LED candles bring the art of light in motion to any room.


For a limited time only, we are offering our customers the opportunity to take advantage of incredible savings on the most realistic Motion Flame® Candles on the market today!  The Gerson Companies Motion Flame® and Motion Flame 360°® battery operated candles are produced with premium materials, making them the highest quality for the best value.

43029_43034_42749_43036_glam REV

Motion Flame® LED candles replicate the flicker of a natural flame using patent pending moving flame technology that brings the art of light in motion to any setting. The LED light is embedded within the candle causing the body of the candle to glow. The synthetic flame tip wavers back and forth mimicking the movement of an open flame. Similar to traditional candles, the dancing light from Motion Flame® LED candles flickers and glows. Enjoy the look of realistic flickering flames both indoors and outdoors.

42540_42537_42751_42543_glam REV

Wax Motion Flame® Candles

For Indoor Use Only

We offer two styles of indoor only candles, both beautiful and unique. Our original Motion Flame® candles have an angled wavy edge effect applied to the top of the candle, providing the realistic appearance of melting wax. Our Motion Flame 360°® candles have subtler wavy edge, which allows a full 360° view of the moving flame.

Both styles of our Motion Flame® battery operated candles are produced using premium, bisque-colored wax imbued with a lusciously light vanilla scent. All candles also feature a timer for your convenience; once activated, they stay lit for 5 hours and then automatically turn off for 19 hours. All 2-inch diameter candles require 2 AAA batteries, 3-inch diameter candles require 3 AAA batteries, while the 4-inch diameter candles operate using 3 AA batteries (batteries not included at sale).


Resin Motion Flame 360°® Candles

For Indoor and Outdoor Use

Enjoy the look of realistic flickering flame effect of our Motion Flame 360°® both inside and out! The Gerson Companies now offers weather-resistant, outdoor capable moving flame candles. Our popular Motion Flame 360°® candles have a more subtle wavy edge effect, which allows a full 360° view of the moving flame.

Our outdoor capable Motion Flame 360°® battery operated candles are produced with a plastic body with a resin finish that is bisque-colored and soft to the touch. All outdoor-safe candles feature a timer for your convenience; once activated, they stay lit for 5 hours and then automatically turn off for 19 hours. The 1.8-inch diameter votive candle requires 2 AAA batteries, and all pillar candles operate using 2 AA batteries (batteries not included at sale).

Original Motion Flame®

42536: 3-inch D x 4-inch H
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42751: 4-inch D x 6-inch H
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Motion Flame 360°®

43029: 3-inch D x 4-inch H
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Outdoor & Specialty

43109: 3-inch D x 4-inch H
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43216: 1.8-inch D x 3.25-inch H
42542: Set of 2, 4-inch H
42544: Set of 2, 6-inch H
42543 – Set of 3
42749: 3.7-inch D Sphere
43215: Fresh Air™ Ionizing

In order to participate in this promotion, orders must be placed between April 4th to April 18th for immediate shipment. Only Motion Flame® and Motion Flame 360°® brand products by Everlasting Glow® are applicable for 25% off regular wholesale prices during the sale.

Place orders for our Motion Flame® and Motion Flame 360°® candles while supplies last! Login to our website using your assigned username and password, then visit the Everlasting Glow® Candles & Lanterns category (ELG Candles/Lanterns) in the left navigation panel. All Motion Flame® and Motion Flame 360°® candles applicable for 25% off regular wholesale prices can be found under subcategory Motion Flame® Promotion. 

If you are interested in seeing our patent-pending Motion Flame® technology in action, click here to watch a short video.

The GG Collection Product Care Compilation

Heritage Wood Collection Care
While the Heritage Collection wood pieces are Mango Wood, these pieces have a food-safe polyurethane coating, and therefor the use of oil on this collection is not advised. Instead, simply wipe with a damp cloth. Due to the metal inlay creating “crevices” on the surface, it is not advised to place non-solid or “wet” food directly on the surface.

Antiquity Wood Care
Mango Wood is a natural product that reacts to its environment. Although it is a durable hardwood, it is a good idea to periodically apply edible oil, such as olive oil or walnut oil to keep the wood from “drying out” and keeping its natural sheen.
Clean serving pieces after each use by wiping with warm soapy water, rinsing immediately and wiping with a soft dry cloth.
Again, rub with olive oil or walnut oil, protecting it from acidic foods, maintaining its beauty for years to come.
Do not submerge in water.

Flatware/Serverware Care
For best results and to prolong use, hand wash flatware.
Hand wash using a mild, non-abrasive dishwashing soap and towel.
To avoid pitting and staining caused by acidic foods and mineral salts from tap water, flatware should be washed and dried soon after use.
A stainless steel polish may be used to remove stains.
Do not clean with an abrasive soap, sponge or steel wool.
Do not allow stainless steel flatware to soak. Utensils must be properly cleaned soon after use to avoid staining.
Do not wash silver plated and stainless steel items together.
Do not wash in a dishwasher.

Ceramics Care
Hand wash oversized pieces in mild, non-abrasive dishwashing soap and soft cloth.
Dinnerware and serving pieces may be safely washed in a dishwasher using the low energy/air cycle. Avoid over-loading the dishwasher.
Bakers may be used in most microwaves and conventional ovens up to 400-425 degrees Fahrenheit.
Do not place ceramics with attached metal in the oven.
Do not use casserole lids in the oven.
Do not take dishes from refrigerator and place directly in a heated oven.
Do not place ceramics in the freezer.
CAUTION: Over tightening screws may cause breakage. On any ceramic or glass item that has a metal attachment, it is recommended that the attachment never be removed as replacing could cause damage.

Hammered Metal Care
Hand wash glass items with a mild, non-abrasive dishwashing soap and soft cloth.
Do not wash glass items in dishwasher.
Glass items are not tempered and should not be used to serve hot beverages or food.
Do not place glass items in the oven or microwave.

Gerson’s Company Values

May of 2016 marks The Gerson Companies’ 75th anniversary in business. The owners of this company wanted to commemorate this milestone with cementing the values and a mission statement company employees have always strived to achieve. The below values were gradually announced to employees over six weeks.

To source, design and provide exciting quality products at competitive prices delivered accurately, efficiently and with integrity.

G – Get It Done
An attitude of whatever it takes to facilitate success.

E – Embrace An Entrepreneurial Spirit
Adapt and look forward.

R – Rally Around Each Other
Genuinely care, respect and strive to help each other and the community.

S – Strive To Grow & Prosper
Employees see opportunities to passionately pursue enhancement of themselves and The Gerson Company.

O – Our Customers Matter
Ideas and opinions of our customers are listened to and acted upon to ensure mutual success.

N – Nurture Innovation
Provide and support the resources for bringing new products and solutions to the market.

Sterling Tree Product Maintenance Questions

This page includes information to the most popular questions received about Sterling tree products.

[separator top=”20″ style=”none”] [toggle title=”We have replaced the fuses in all three palm tree trunks but it made no difference. I love this tree and really don’t want to pay full price to replace it. Any suggestions?” open=”yes”]When enough lights go out and they are not replaced, a power surge within the product can occur. If the light bulbs have turned a slight black, there is nothing to be done to fix the lights. If the bulbs have not turned black, then all lights need to be replaced to fix the problem.

SoReal 360° LED Candles – For Your Home

Thank you for your interest in LED SoReal 360° candles. The realistic moving flame technology offered in each SoReal LED candle brings the romantic glow of wax candles without the need to worry about an open flame. This candle category offers an appealing view from 360 degrees.

Each candle includes a five hour timer, a soft vanilla scent, and includes patent pending technology. Offered in multiple sizes, including pillars and votives, each candle works with three AAA batteries. The candles have a 30-day battery life when using three AAA and the five-hour timer feature. We suggest Duracell batteries to give your candles the longest life possible.

Play the video below to view our SoReal 360° LED candles in action!

Motion FlameTM 360° LED Candles – For Your Home

Thank you for your interest in LED Motion FlameTM 360° candles. The realistic moving flame technology offered in each Motion FlameTM 360° LED candle brings the romantic glow of wax candles without the need to worry about an open flame. This candle category offers an appealing view from 360 degrees.

Each candle includes a five hour timer, a soft vanilla scent, and includes patent pending technology. Offered in multiple sizes, including pillars and votives, each candle works with three AAA batteries. The candles have a 30-day battery life when using three AAA and the five-hour timer feature. We suggest Duracell batteries to give your candles the longest life possible.

Play the video below to view our Motion FlameTM 360° LED candles in action!

Spring 2015 Company Update

Dear Valued Gerson/Sterling Customer:

We hope with the nicer weather here (finally!) your spring and early summer sales are in full swing. As we approach the year’s midpoint, we would like to provide a brief update on the progress of continuing to improve your experience in working with our company. The commitment we made to our customers late this past year was to communicate more frequently.

By now, you should have received confirmation of your Fall/Holiday orders, including items that have been cancelled by the factories. The number of items cancelled this year is consistent from year’s past, and the good news is the dollars of cancelled items is lower. For the most part, our cancellations are a result of not buying enough of a particular item from our factory. We are absolutely committed to continue offering the very best seasonal line in the marketplace, and our goal is to deliver 100%, and in a timely manner. One area we have identified in helping our delivery percentage and timeliness of shipments is to reduce the number of duplications and very similar product in our catalogs.

The additional systems and personnel we have put in place are helping us greatly in tracking the Fall, Halloween, and Holiday orders now in production with our factories. Our offices in Hong Kong and Shanghai are speaking with and visiting our factories on a daily basis, and then forwarding weekly updated progress reports.

The deliveries from our factories for Spring/Summer ’15 were well ahead of last year, although we struggled with the West Coast Port slowdown and shutdown. This letter is neither the time nor place for discourse on politics on the confrontation, but the entire dispute was unnecessary, and ended up hurting consumers, retailers and suppliers. We did our best to compensate for the delayed arrivals by investing in a second shift, both in order processing and our distribution center. Our planning definitely helped, but it could not compensate for some containers of product sitting on the West Coast for an additional 4 weeks. For those of our customers affected by the West Coast port shut down, we truly apologize.

I have seen previews of our Spring 2016 product assortments, and you will be excited as I am! It is the best assortment our designers and product merchants have created. I am especially pleased with progress on our newest addition, Garden Meadow. Solar products continue to grow in sales, and we are introducing a completely re-energized line. We are investing heavily in bringing existing Garden Meadow factories up to Gerson’s standards, as well as onboarding new suppliers we feel will improve delivery time and quality to meet our customers’ expectations. Of all of our various brands, Garden Meadow was most adversely affected this spring by the West Coast Port slowdown/shutdown, so the plan we have in place is to ship spring much earlier from the factories this next season.

We greatly appreciate the opportunity of supporting your stores, and we thank you very much for the loyalty to our company.

Best regards,

James S. Gerson – President
John C. Hjalmarson – Chairman and CEO