Garden Meadow®

Create a fun outdoor living experience for your patio and garden.
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Garden Meadow® products create a fun outdoor living experience for your patio and garden with unique designs and patented solar lighting technology.

Garden Meadow® unique solar-powered garden products are artful sculptures by day and a luminous accents for any porch, patio or garden by night. From elegant metal lanterns, lamps, and hanging outdoor chandeliers to whimsical sculptures of birds, animals and butterflies, Garden Meadow products appeal to a broad retail customer base and settings. Lamps, chandeliers, and sculptures add a wonderful dimension of glowing light with designs to fit any outdoor space size or personality. As a proprietary brand and solar technology, Garden Meadow® products can be customized to fit any retailer’s desired look and coloration.

If you are interested in reviewing the Gerson International Spring/Summer 2023 Collection catalog, which includes all our Garden Meadow® products, please visit the Request A Catalog web page under the Contact menu and complete the form to submit your request.

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