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To source, design and provide exciting quality products at competitive prices, delivered accurately, efficiently and with integrity.

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About Gerson’s Logistics

With over 80 years’ experience in the retail industry, The Gerson Companies is a proven leader in the importation and distribution of on-trend seasonal and everyday home décor products to retailer customers. Our headquarters, located in Olathe, Kansas, encompasses more than 500,000 sq. ft. of warehouse, showroom and office space. With our distribution center centrally located in the U.S., product delivery is faster, and in many cases, more cost-effective for our customers.

Gerson sourcing offices based in both Hong Kong and Shanghai allows for greater oversight and streamlined communication throughout the manufacturing and shipping processes while ensuring quality across all our product lines…That’s The Gerson Companies’ difference.

About Gerson’s Products

The Gerson Companies is comprised of two divisions: the Gerson Everyday™ division and the Gerson International™ Limited (GIL) division.

Our Gerson Everyday™ division includes several popular brands of products that can be sold and replenished year-round: Everlasting Glow®, Lone Elm Studios®, and The GG Collection®

Within our Everyday division, our experienced merchants research trends in the gift and home décor markets to design uniquely-crafted year round products for the home. These products are imported to our distribution center and kept in stock to replenish orders from our customers throughout the year.

Our GIL division is our Book-and-Buy program comprised of season product lines available for purchase at specific intervals during the year. The Gerson International division includes the following brands: Garden Meadow®, Teters® / Universal® SunRay, and Sterling® Tree Company.

In our GIL division, we pre-book orders with our customers twice a year, approximately 6 months in advance of shipment. Once orders are received and processed, we manufacture, import and distribute based upon the inventory levels pre-sold in advance of shipment. This allows us to keep inventory lean with minimal mark-ups so we can offer our customers competitive prices. Any remaining inventory is held in our distribution center and offered for immediate shipment as supplies last.


The Gerson Company Offers:

The Gerson Company Offers:

We have extensive category experience. Our merchants continually research trends in the gift and home décor markets to design trend-right products for every season.

Our overseas sourcing offices take enormous pride in working with over 200 factories to present innovative products at competitive prices.

The Gerson Companies’ product development, packaging design, quality control management, administrative, and distribution specialists are quick to respond to customer needs.

The Gerson Companies is conveniently located in a western Kansas City suburb called Olathe, and is attuned to closely working with its retail partners.

The Gerson Companies has been in business for over 75 years. The company is a very strong, financially sound third generation owned and managed family business, serving retailers throughout the United States.

Gerson Family

Gerson Family (from left): John Hjalmarson, Liz Hjalmarson, John Gerson, Jim Gerson