Teters® Universal SunRay®

Memorial Tribute Decor Collection
2022 Collection

Welcome to the Gerson Companies 2022 Spring Teters® / Universal Sunray® Memorial Tribute Decor Collection.

We are excited to present our finest collection to date of American designed and assembled, quality gravesite and remembrance floral arrangements, sentiment stones, wind chimes, and LED lighted tributes. As a Gerson Book & Buy product line, you may shop the full Teters-Universal Sunray collection in The Gerson International 2022 Catalog and on our website, gersoncompany.com.

The Book and Buy Ordering Deadline is August 15. We do inventory many of the items like hanging baskets for year-round buying and selling opportunities, so if you miss the deadline, please call your rep or Gerson Customer service to place additional orders throughout the year.
The trends for cemetery decorations in 2022 are still very close to the traditional decorating that Americans have used for generations. Bright colored florals, as well as patriotic floral for veterans and those who share pride for our great country. In addition to florals, the American consumer continues to embrace items like remembrance stones and lighted tributes. Teters/Universal Sunray offers numerous ways to show love, respect and admiration for those that have gone before us. As cremations increase verses in-ground burials we have introduced an enhanced product line that offered dual purpose items for Decorating cemeteries and home indoor and outdoor tributes.

Please shop the full Collection of Teters Universal Sunray Memorial products in The Gerson International 2022 catalog or on our website.

If you are interested in reviewing the Gerson International Spring/Summer 2022 Collection catalog, or the 2022 Holiday Collection catalogs, please visit the Request A Catalog web page under the Contact menu and complete the form to submit your request.

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