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PLEASE BE ADVISED: At this time, we will not be processing any catalog requests submitted via our website using the below form.

With the upcoming release of our next catalog season, new catalogs are being produced for several of our brands with any new additions or discontinuations to the product line. In order to ensure you receive the most updated publication, any submissions via the below form will be held for processing until our Olathe showroom opens on December 3rd, 2018. After the showroom opens, we will process all requests received during this down time.

We appreciate your understanding in this delay. If you would like to receive any of our catalogs immediately, regardless of the impending update and release of a new publication, please contact our Customer Service team at to submit your request.

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We will send the most recent catalog for the brand and/or product line selected in the below form. If the brand selected also has a Supplement Catalog publication, we will send the most recent full Catalog publication and include a copy of the most recent Supplement Catalog. This will ensure you have the opportunity to review all products in a particular product line.

Please take care to note the date of publication on the Catalog and/or Supplement Catalog received. If the Supplement Catalog is post-dated to the full Catalog for any brand or product line, the products featured in the Supplement Catalog may not be included in the full Catalog.

If you are interested in receiving a digital copy of our most recent At-Once Inventory (AOI) listing for either Spring/Summer or Fall/Holiday Gerson International seasonal product lines, please check the box for “GIL Overstock / AOI List”. We will email a copy of the current listing to the email address provided.

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