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Update On West Coast Port Delivery Slowdown

Since the west coast port slowdown began last summer, we at The Gerson Companies, have watched the situation closely as it has moved from what began as an inconvenience, to what is now front page news. This situation has become vital as it has begun to impact both retailers and consumers throughout the United States. Continue reading “Update On West Coast Port Delivery Slowdown”

A Letter to Our Customers & Change Initiatives

Dear Valued Gerson/Sterling Customer:

As we quickly approach the end of the year, we would like to thank you very much for allowing The Gerson Companies and our family of products to serve you in 2014. Upon reflection, we are very proud that in our most recent fiscal year ended April 30, 2014, we enjoyed the best results in our 73 year history. However, this past season Continue reading “A Letter to Our Customers & Change Initiatives”

Everlasting Glow LED Candle TunesTM


Candle TunesTM, an LED candle with Bluetooth® wireless technology, combines the convenience of warm candle light with streaming music into one product. The speaker is hidden inside the hand-poured wax candles which helps you to set the tone when synced with a Bluetooth® device. Each candle features Everlasting Glow’s signature LED Soft Glow Flicker technology, providing the look of realistic flickering candlelight.

Art Of Light & Sound LogoWithin the hand-poured wax exterior is a rechargeable lithium ion battery that can provide continuous light for over 50 hours. Turn on your favorite song, and enjoy the candle for up to three hours. With Candle TunesTM, you can forget about having to transport clunky speakers around the house. Our new candle can play your music for up to eight hours. Please log in to our website to learn more about the product and how to order your own today!

Lone Elm LED Lighted Metal Letters

Lone Elm Studios is pleased to expand our on-trend offerings of LED Lighted Metal Letters with each letter of the alphabet. Each letter is available for individual purchase and comes in a re-shippable box. Our LED Lighted Letters are manufactured with battery life in mind utilizing an exclusively designed extended life battery box. Each LED lighted letter lasts over 170 hours in the “on” position or over 30 days using timer function.

Lone Elm Studio letters can stand without support or hang on a wall. With the option to combine several individual letters of your choice, our LED letters can help you add a personal touch to your home or office space! Please log in to our website to learn more about our product and to browse the rest of the Lone Elm 2014 catalog.

Our LED letters can help you spice up your daily cup of coffee!
Our LED letters can help you spice up your daily cup of coffee!

Gerson in the Community

As a company we exist to provide value to consumers in the home decor industry, but what really drives us is a passion for improving the well-being of the community. Here is a list of the organizations to which we donate annually. We encourage you to follow the links provided below to learn more about their admirable pursuits:

KidsTLC (Transforming Lives in our Community)

KVC Kansas

Olathe YMCA

Gerson Educational Scholarship (for employee higher education assistance, offered three times a year)

In addition to company donations, our employees make a concerted effort to give their own time in helping the community. Each Christmas we adopt a family. A tree filled with ornaments that detail instructions on what to buy for the family is placed in our customer service area so we know what to buy. We also regularly drop off soap and shampoo items to various charities in the KC area. So far this year, donations were dropped off at reStart, Kansas City Rescue Mission, and House Of Hope in Overland Park. This past May, a group of 27 employees and friends of the company participated in a Kansas City Color Run.

Personalized Wreath Arrangements from Gerson International

Looking for the ideal floral arrangement to add an inviting touch to your home decor? We are excited to announce that the spring 2015 catalog for Gerson International will offer customers the ability to personalize their own floral decor. Natural wreaths may be combined with burlap ribbons, metal initials, and floral clips to create the perfect decoration for your home. A DIY video will be added to this blog in the coming weeks to make your assembly of the decorations fast and easy.

To ensure that customers may design an arrangement to corresponds with their existing home decor, we will offer a variety of options to choose from for each item. Wreath choices include brightly painted willow wreaths, eco-friendly natural vine wreaths, or trendy burlap wreaths. The chevron pattern, pictured below, is the most popular choice for our metal initials, though we do additionally offer a wide range of solid colors for these items. Customers may also choose to add a floral clip or ribbon trim to their arrangement. These burlap ribbons come in chevron pattern, patriotic-themed pattern, or may be customized with words of your choice.

Painted Willow Wreath
Painted Willow Wreath
Chevron burlap ribbon
Chevron Burlap Ribbon

Gerson Acquires Garden Meadow

We are very excited to announce that The Gerson Companies has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Garden Meadow Inc. and Garden Meadow Hong Kong Ltd. The acquisition is scheduled to close on July 16, 2014.

Garden Meadow is a privately owned designer and importer of a broad range of decorative garden products, both solar lighted and non-lighted items, located in Milford Connecticut. Garden Meadow has been in business for over 25 years. All of Garden Meadows products are original, proprietary designs that have been copyright protected.

Sandy Cooper, the owner of Garden Meadow, will work as a consultant to Gerson and Garden Meadow going forward focusing on new product design and development.

Our collective goal is to expand on the fantastic Garden Meadow product line. Garden Meadow has offered its product line to customers only on a direct import basis without domestic warehouse capabilities. Beginning immediately, Garden Meadow and Gerson will jointly market and sell the Garden Meadow spring 2015 product line to their combined customers, offering both direct import product and pricing and domestic distribution with products offered FOB Gerson’s DC in Olathe, KS.

Garden Meadow and Gerson will present their respective product lines at the National Hardware show in Las Vegas May 6-8, 2014. Gerson will also debut the Garden Meadow line in its Olathe, KS showroom beginning June 9, 2014, in the Gerson showroom at the Atlanta AmericasMart July 8-15, 2014, and in Gerson’s showroom in Las Vegas from July 27-31, 2014.

The transition period will be seamless to you after which most of the operations of Garden Meadow’s office will be moved into The Gerson Companies’ office. The expected move completion date is August 31, 2014.

For Garden Meadows customers, please continue working with your existing sales account manager. For Gerson customers, you will hear from Gerson and/or your Gerson representative about the Garden Meadow product line being offered for spring 2015.

We look forward to working together and thank you for the continued support of the Garden Meadow and Gerson product lines.

Best Regards,
John Hjalmarson
Chairman and CEO

Jim Gerson