What Shipping Options Does The Gerson Companies Offer?

Category: Online Shop

We offer two shipping methods to ship your The Gerson Companies orders when ordering via our online shop.

  1. Gerson Truck: This is the most common shipping method our customers’ use when placing orders through our online shop. When selecting this option for shipping, The Gerson Companies’ will choose the best method for shipment of the order. If you have a predetermined freight provider with The Gerson Companies as your third party provider, this would be the best method for all orders you place online. If you have opted to utilize the Gerson Flat Rate Shipping, this would be the best method for all orders you place online. If your account with The Gerson Companies does not have an assigned freight method, all orders placed through the website would ship via the best method as determined by Gerson.Flat Rate Shipping is the most common freight method assigned to our customers’ accounts. Flat Rate Shipping is calculated based on your order total and the designated shipping destination for the order. We apply a flat percentage ranging from 10% to 16% of the order total as shipping charges, and the percentage charged varies by United States region where the shipping destination is located (distance from our Kansas distribution center). You can review our Flat Rate Shipping information here; included in this document is a map showing the different regions and percentage that will be applied to the order total for each region. Shipping rates are reviewed semi-annually, and some restrictions may apply.
    Important Details about Flat Rate Shipping:
    An additional fee of $40.00 USD will be applied to any order where any of the following services are requested for shipment delivery: Lift-gate Delivery, Inside Delivery (10 feet inside the door), and/or Residential Delivery.
    Effective December 5th, 2017, Flat Rate Shipping orders under $250.00 USD will incur a $15.00 USD freight surcharge in addition to the Flat Rate Shipping amount calculated based on the destination for the order.
  2. $25 Pick Up: If you are interested in picking up an order using a personal vehicle, we do offer this option as a shipment method from our Olathe, Kansas distribution center. This should be advised at the time the order is placed so it can be classified on the order for our distribution center. We charge a $25 Pickup Fee that will be added to your order as shipping charges. We will also require the contact information to notify when the order is ready for pickup. If your order is already placed, you may contact our Customer Service department by phone, 1.800.444.8172, or email, GersonCS@gersoncompany.com, to request this change to be made to your order if it hasn’t already shipped. 
    All pickups MUST be scheduled 24-hours in advance by calling 1.913.535.7347.