I Have Multiple Stores, Each with a Different Gerson Account ID. Do I Need a Different Login/Password for Each?

We can adjust your online shop web account so you can access the full list of accounts you have with The Gerson Companies. This allows our customers to have only one login and password for our website that can be used to place orders for any account/location of your choosing.

If you are interested in updating your web access for our online shop to include any additional accounts, please contact our Customer Service department by phone, 1.800.444.8172, or email, GersonCS@gersoncompany.com. Please be prepared with the list of accounts you would like to add, and your current username for our online shop (if available). Once your web account is updated, your online shop home screen will be updated slightly to include the option to “Select a New Customer”. Within the popup window that appears, you may use the drop down menu to select the appropriate customer code you need. Once the customer code is chosen, all features in our online shop will be adjusted to reflect the corresponding information (such as invoices and order acknowledgements) for the customer code you selected.