How May I Request a Copy of a Credit Memo or Charge Back?

Once your claim has been processed, you may request a copy of the credit memo or charge back documentation through our Account department. Please call 1.913.535.7720, or email, to request a copy of the document you require. Please be prepared with all your account information, such as account ID and the document number, as this will make processing your request faster. You may expect to receive back the requested documents within 1 – 2 business days, depending on if all necessary information is provided in the request.

Also, we have recently updated our website features to include the option for our customers to view credit memos via our online shop. Simply login to our online shop at with your assigned username and password, and navigate to the Customer Service section of the left navigation panel. Any credit memos applied to your business’ account can be found by clicking the Invoices hyperlink in this section.