How May I Receive a Copy of my Order Acknowledgement?

Category: Online Shop

Order Acknowledgements for all orders placed against your account are available to view and download using your The Gerson Companies online shop website account. Order Acknowledgements under your web account are for all orders you have placed with The Gerson Companies, whether the order was placed using our online shop or if you called or faxed in your order.

Order Acknowledgements can be found under the Customer Service section of the left navigation panel. Click the “Order Status” link and a list of your open orders will display with some basic order information, such as the order number, date the order was placed, order status, and your PO or reference number. To view or download an Order Acknowledgement for a specific PO, click the appropriate Gerson order number in the far left column of the list that populates. A PDF copy of the Order Acknowledgement will either download or automatically open, depending on your browser settings.