How Can I Check the Status of my Order?

Order Statuses for all orders placed against your account are available on your The Gerson Companies online shop website account. Order Statuses listed under your web account are for all open orders you have placed with The Gerson Companies, whether the order was placed using our online shop or if you called or faxed in your order.

To check your order’s status, visit the Order Status link under the Customer Service section of the left navigation panel. This is the webpage where you may view and download your open Order Acknowledgements, as well. A list of your open orders will display with some basic order information, such as the order number, date the order was placed, and your PO or reference number. Simply search for the order in question (you may filter by date the order was placed, if your open order list spans several pages), and look for the Order Status in the second column from the right.

If you would like more detailed information about your order’s status, please contact our Customer Service team by phone, 1.800.444.8172, or email, You may also contact your Gerson Sales Representative to obtain Order Status details as needed.