Do You Have a Minimum Order Requirement (Quantity)?

Yes, we do have minimum order quantities and minimum order multiples that must be met for each of our items as we only sell our products in full casepack quantities. All of our products are shipped in master cases, and many include break packs that we refer to as the “inner pack”. If a product has inner packs within the master case, we do offer the option for our customers to purchase the inner pack as their “sell pack” so they can order less quantity. If there are no inner packs inside the master case for a product, the master case becomes the “sell pack”.

Our customers must order, at minimum, the quantity of units in the corresponding “sell pack” for any particular item. Only one sell pack is required as the minimum.

In relation to the minimum order quantity, we require that our customers order in multiples of the corresponding “sell pack” for an item. For instance, if a customer is interested in purchasing 11 units of an item with a master case of 4 pieces, the customer has met the minimum order quantity (4 pieces) but must adjust their order so the quantity is a multiple of 4. The adjusted quantity ordered must be at least 12 units of the example item, as 12 is a multiple of 4.