FAQ Category: General

Do You Drop Ship?

Yes, we offer a selection of items from our various product lines in our drop ship assortment. However, we do have specific requirements that must be met before we can on-board a customer for drop ship with The Gerson Companies....Read More

How May I Request a Catalog?

To request a print catalog(s) to be sent to you, please complete the form located under the Contact drop down menu for Request Catalog. Please complete all required fields of the form. Once received, we will process and ship your catalog...Read More

How May I Request a Statement of My Account?

Please call 1.913.535.7720, or email Accounting@gersoncompany.com, to request a statement of your The Gerson Companies account through the Accounting department. Please be prepared with your account information, such as account ID, as this will make processing your request faster. You may expect...Read More

How May I Receive a Copy of my Invoice?

Invoices for all orders placed against your account are available to view and download using your The Gerson Companies online shop website account. Invoices under your web account are for all orders you have placed with The Gerson Companies, whether the order...Read More