Gerson House Account Contacts Information

Contact Sara Ryan at 877.487.6774 or at to find your House Account sales representative. Descriptions of Gerson’s product lines are below.

Information About Each Gerson Everyday Branded Product Line:

Lone Elm Studios – Products in this line are made with environmentally friendly materials including recycled paper, jute, stone, and willow. Many of the designs incorporate nature with our Lone Elm Tree insignia, birds, bees, leaves, and flowers.

Everlasting Glow LED Lighted Branches – These beautiful LED lighted branches are great for any occasion – indoors and out. Shop our branches and arrangements with categories that include acrylic blossoms, floral branches, LED submersible light strings, electric or battery operated, outdoor, seasonal, and more.

Everlasting Glow LED Candles – This line is the innovator in quality, styles, and features in the LED flameless candle category. Experience our submersible tealights, 1,500 hour candles, over-sized candles and lanterns and many other items in this popular product line.

The GG Collection -The GG Collection is a high-end, protected product line. The GG Collection line offers durable and unique kitchen, outdoor, bathroom, and other home decor accessories. Both casual and elegant, it is characterized by warm hues, a mixture of mediums including glazed ceramics, mouth blown glass and hand finished metal accents that create the “GG” look so loved by our customers.

Additional Gerson Products – Other Gerson products include children’s books, novelties, jewelry, and Memorial Day floral items. Contact your house account representative to learn more.

Information About Gerson’s International Seasonal Option:

Gerson International (GIL) includes two selling seasons, fall-holiday and spring-summer. Products in the Gerson International (GIL) is designed, imported, and distributed in two complete lines of seasonal merchandise (Fall/Christmas and Spring/Summer) that is pre-booked with retailers six months in advance.