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We ask that anyone interested in visiting one of our showroom locations please schedule an appointment so we may plan to have a scanner and a Gerson Companies representative ready to assist during your visit.

When completing the below form, please ensure you provide all the
required information so we may process your request as quickly as possible.

  • For contact information, we require a contact name, email address, phone number, and your company’s name (address is not required).
  • Please provide your Gerson Companies Account ID and your Sales Representative’s name (if known). If you are not a current customer, please leave this area blank.
  • Please identify which Gerson Companies product lines you are interested in viewing as this will determine the showroom location for your appointment. We also use this information to customize your appointment for your needs/requirements.
  • Make sure you designate the showroom location you would like to visit by City, and tell us the date you would like to meet (time of appointment is not required, but we do suggest you offer an appointment time that best suits your schedule).
  • Please also provide the number of expected attendees from your company so we may prepare accordingly.

If you would rather schedule your showroom visit via phone, please call 800.683.3484 (toll-free) or 913.238.1505 (local/mobile). You may also submit showroom appointment requests via email by contacting Terrie Reiman directly, Showroom appointment requests may also be processed by our Customer Service team via phone, 800.444.8172, or email,

Please be advised that not all showroom locations are open year-round. Please visit each showroom location’s webpage via the Shows menu for more details about when that showroom is open for appointments to be scheduled. If you submit the above form for a date and/or time when the showroom is not open for visitors, we will follow up with you using the contact details you provided with an alternative date/time for your visit.

If you would like additional information about a specific showroom location (i.e. the showroom address, showroom phone number, what Gerson Companies product lines are displayed, etc.), please visit the corresponding location’s webpage via the Shows menu.

We look forward to visiting with you!