Set Your Expectations For Gerson WAREHOUSE Sales – We’re No Breakfast At Tiffany’s

Below is an exaggerated yet fun way to know exactly what you’ll see at a Gerson warehouse sale. Gerson hosts warehouse sales throughout the year. Each sale is filled with timely seasonal merchandise any retailer or consumer may find helpful. Attend our warehouse sale by taking the 151st street exit from I-35, then turn west and drive one block past the Olathe Hospital (1450 S. Lone Elm Rd. Olathe, KS 66061).

Expectation #1 – Our products are displayed perfectly in glass displays.
Reality – This is a warehouse sale. Items are displayed on folding tables.

Expectation #2– We serve crumpets and tea at warehouse sales.
Reality – We cut the fluff to offer low prices so retailers can sell our products at their lowest price. Eat before you shop. There’s a Starbucks down the street.

Expectation #3 – We dedicate an army of employees to restock warehouse sale items 24/7.
Reality – We don’t.

Expectation #4 – All items work perfectly.
Reality – Our warehouse sales include discontinued and overstock items from all of our brands. Make sure it works before you leave. Read our warehouse sale return policies.

Expectation #5 – There will only be glamorous Christmas items available.
Reality – Nope. While a majority of items will be Christmas items, we will offer Harvest and everyday home decor items too.

Expectation #6 – We reserve oodles of space for warehouse sales.
Reality – Our business is booming and warehouse space is limited. We reserve the most space we can for each sale.

Expectation #7 – I attended previous Sterling warehouse sales at Richards Gebaurer Airport. I will see just as many Christmas products at this sale.
Reality – We would love to sell as many Christmas products as we can at our warehouse sales, but we have many other beautiful products to show including solar lanterns, gorgeous floral wreaths, Neiman Marcus worthy serveware and more!

Expectation #8 – There is no handicap access to our warehouse.
Reality – There is! Please see sale manager for handicap access or call 913-262-7400 or 913-238-2724 for hydraulic lift assistance at door 70.

Expectation #9 – I will find the best deals in town at Gerson warehouse sales.
Reality – We will always say yes to this.

Expectation #10 – Gerson only offers warehouse sales in the winter.
Reality – Our warehouse sales are offered periodically throughout the year.

Don’t think you’ll enjoy or down-to-earth warehouse sales? Find a retailer in Kansas or Missouri that sells Gerson products. I’m sure our customers would love your business.

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