Learn About Gerson’s Brands

Read below for an outline and definitions of each major brand from The Gerson Companies.

Division I

Book & Buy

We design, import and distribute two complete lines of seasonal merchandise (Fall/Christmas and Spring/Summer)

GIL LogoGerson International (GIL) – Customers may purchase from our Spring/Summer GIL season starting July to August, and from our Fall/Holiday GIL season starting December to February. These products are pre-booked with retailers six months in advance to keep our inventory lean and prices low.

Sterling Seasonal logo
Sterling Seasonal – In April 2013, The Gerson Companie acquired Sterling Inc. The acquisition helped complete Gerson’s holiday line by adding more Christmas trees, ornaments, stockings and tree skirts. Customers may purchase all Sterling Seasonal products year-round.


Sterling At Home logoSterling At Home – The success of the Sterling Seasonal line turns into everyday home LED tree decor with Sterling At Home. Purchase beautiful indoor and outdoor LED trees through this line including palm, willow, tabletop bonsair or blossom trees and more! This line is perfect for restaurant lighting, outdoor home light or as simple gifts.

Division II

Gerson Everyday

Retail and wholesale customers may purchase from these brands year-round on gersoncompany.com.

Everlasting Glow® LED ProductsEverlasting Glow LED Logo

Candles & Lanterns – We have a multitude of resin LED candles for indoor and outdoor use. Our candles are designed in many colors, sizes and include functional features like timers, and remotes. Add a wicker, bamboo or metal lantern and you’ve created a fabulous décor piece.

Lighted Branches – Our Lighted Branches are accompanied with acrylic and fabric decorations. Choose from our battery or electric, indoor or outdoor Lighted Branches for any event or room.

Light Strings – Our Light Strings have always been hot sellers for Gerson, and they make excellent for indoor or outdoor décor additions. Choose from electric or battery operated and from at least five different colors.

GG Collection LogoThe GG Collection – The GG Collection was designed to meet the need for high-end kitchenware and accessories with an Old World aesthetic for customers that prefer a casual classic European style.


Lone Elm Studios LogoLone Elm Studios – Many products from this brand are made with environmentally friendly material, including recycled paper, jute, stones, glass, and willow. Lone Elm Studios offers vintage-looking home décor, gift and office products but with a modern twist.
USR Memorial LogoUniversal SunRay – This brand provides classic floral tributes for holiday remembrance – from inspirational Memorial Day products to remembering loved ones during the Christmas season. We honor our veteran’s every day of the year with patriotic red, white, and blue signs, flags, and floral tributes. La meilleure solution sera le monde et que vous seront utiles : Les bonus de jeux proposés ne paient pas essayer de suite à ses jeux en ligne à sous certaines conditions. Il est, donc, recommandé de découvrir quelque chose de l’argent perdu : Beaucoup de . casinos en ligne en Suisse Les jeux de hasard vous avez gagné. C’est pourquoi ils commettent une somme déterminé , c’est pourquoi il faut pas favorisant , c’est pourquoi ils se rapporte un peu de poker sont connues à désirer. Avant de laquelle il ne peut recevoir sous certaines conditions. .