10 Ways To Use Our Everlasting Glow LED Light Strings

Our Everlasting Glow LED Light Strings are versatile and loved by our customers. The following are fun and useful ways to display our light strings in your store or to show consumers how they may use our light strings in their homes or for events. Gerson customers may contact their Gerson representative for the latest Everlasting Glow LED Light String products.

1. Use our cool white submersible battery operated light string (sku #36902) in your wedding reception tablescape displays.

2. Intertwine our blue or warm white outdoor 10′ light strings in outdoor potted evergreens for festive holiday decorations. These options are offered in battery operated or electric options, and with 2″ or 4″ bulb spacing.

Photo By The Gerson Companies
Photo By The Gerson Companies

3. Use our cool white acrylic star shaped light strings for an attractive Patriotic center piece (sku #39193).

4. Wrap our value light strings through simple garland for any event tabletop display (sku #39835/39838).

5. Fill attractive lanterns with our battery operated outdoor light strings for a romantic patio setting.

6. Purchase our UL Adaptor (sku #41661) and show your customers how they may convert our battery operated light strings into a useful electric operated item.

7. Create a high-end looking door swag by weaving our outdoor battery-powered light strings into an inexpensive PCV item.




8. Decorate a railing with shimmery organza fabric with our battery-powered light strings. Show your customers how to hide the battery box for a seamless decoration touch – perfect for wedding receptions!

9. Create your own LED lighted arrangement by intertwining our indoor led light strings into a faux or real floral arrangement.

10. Dress up a simplistic home decor item by wrapping our light strings around it. An example is Lone Elm Studios’ Vine Wire Spheres (sku #92196) with our 9′ indoor warm white light strings with silver wire (sku #38651).

Do you have any other suggestions? Forward your ideas to ckessler @ gersoncompany.com and we’ll add them to the list!