How To Improve The Gerson Giveaway Experience

Gerson has attempted to update its customer database by offering fun and exciting prizes for its customers during market in exchange for information. Every company needs to update its database for billing, contact or marketing needs, and the plethora of information obtained in showrooms is an optimal feeding ground for these updates. We would like feedback from retailers. How can we improve the experience of our giveaway events? Would you prefer to win Gerson products or something else? How would you like to submit information to win the giveaway?

Gerson offered an iPad2 for customers who signed-up for a Web site username during the Spring/Summer 2012 AmericasMart market, and customers had to physically write information on a piece of paper. More recently, we offered a giveaway package, valued at $500 retail dollars, comprised of various Gerson products for entertaining purposes at the Fall/Holiday 2012 AmericasMart and Mystic Lake Casino-Hotel markets. Showroom visitors dropped a business card in a bowl at AmericasMart or submitted an order at Mystic Lake to qualify for the giveaway. Details of each giveaway were thought out carefully – how can customers submit information easily, how can Gerson employees record information easily, what prize would attract the most information, etc.

Customers had to write information during the Spring/Summer 2012 giveaway; whereas, customers only had to submit a business card in a bowl during the Fall/Holiday 2012 giveaway. This recent giveaway resulted in an excellent amount of new data, it was easier for customers to submit information, but transferring information remained a strenuous task for Gerson employees.

Please leave suggestions on how we may improve the experience of our Gerson giveaways. Would you prefer to win Gerson products or something else? What are you willing to do to win a prize?