Personalized Wreath Arrangements from Gerson International

Looking for the ideal floral arrangement to add an inviting touch to your home decor? We are excited to announce that the spring 2015 catalog for Gerson International will offer customers the ability to personalize their own floral decor. Natural wreaths may be combined with burlap ribbons, metal initials, and floral clips to create the perfect decoration for your home. A DIY video will be added to this blog in the coming weeks to make your assembly of the decorations fast and easy.

To ensure that customers may design an arrangement to corresponds with their existing home decor, we will offer a variety of options to choose from for each item. Wreath choices include brightly painted willow wreaths, eco-friendly natural vine wreaths, or trendy burlap wreaths. The chevron pattern, pictured below, is the most popular choice for our metal initials, though we do additionally offer a wide range of solid colors for these items. Customers may also choose to add a floral clip or ribbon trim to their arrangement. These burlap ribbons come in chevron pattern, patriotic-themed pattern, or may be customized with words of your choice.

Painted Willow Wreath
Painted Willow Wreath
Chevron burlap ribbon
Chevron Burlap Ribbon
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