How To Create An Eye-Catching Retail Display

Blue DisplayOur customers frequently ask for advise on how to create attractive point of sale displays. In response, there are a multitude of ideas that can catch a customer’s eye. Use color, shapes, similar subjects, size, or placement to create attractive retail displays. Here is an example of how to use color.

Replication Tips:

– Gather random items with the same color. The display shown here includes various blue flower vases, blue paperweights, and blue flowers. Include at least one different color to break up a potential monotonious display. White flowers and candles was used in this example.

– Include items with different heights to force the customer’s eye to meander through the entire display. Note how short the paper weights are, the medium sized white candle and blue birdhouse, and how tall the flowers are in this display.

– Retail stores that may sell non-home decor items (clothing boutiques, jewelers, etc.) should consider using random items to prop up their display items. Use a lamp to hang necklaces or a small vase of large faux flowers and stuff rings inside the petals.

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