Chasing Junk | Lower Prices For Lower Quality?

The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of a low price is forgotten“.

By Benjamin Franklin

To chase or not to Chase – That is the question.

We are having internal discussions if we want to add a very low end boxed candle set to our flameless candle line. This would offer a lower quality and price point than we offer now.

I just returned from visiting a good customer. The purpose was to finalize Summer deliveries with Everlasting Glow LED Candles, Lanterns, and Branches.

We have done a nice business with this customer, and are one of two suppliers in his department. We supply all the everyday flameless candles and lanterns, and replenish from our Olathe distribution center.

We have built a very good business together, but the customer is going elsewhere for very promotionally priced boxed LED candle sets. Truth be told, we also have other customers who have been buying the same boxed set.

I hate to lose any business to competitors, but should our company be OK with offering a product we know falls well below our own company quality expectations on Everlasting Glow flameless candles?

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