Everlasting Glow LED Candle TunesTM


Candle TunesTM, an LED candle with Bluetooth® wireless technology, combines the convenience of warm candle light with streaming music into one product. The speaker is hidden inside the hand-poured wax candles which helps you to set the tone when synced with a Bluetooth® device. Each candle features Everlasting Glow’s signature LED Soft Glow Flicker technology, providing the look of realistic flickering candlelight.

Art Of Light & Sound LogoWithin the hand-poured wax exterior is a rechargeable lithium ion battery that can provide continuous light for over 50 hours. Turn on your favorite song, and enjoy the candle for up to three hours. With Candle TunesTM, you can forget about having to transport clunky speakers around the house. Our new candle can play your music for up to eight hours. Please log in to our website to learn more about the product and how to order your own today!