How It Works:

Drop ship is a supply chain management method in which the retailer does not need to keep products stocked in a distribution center or at their store. Instead, any orders received on the retailer’s e-commerce website are transferred to the supplier, and the supplier processes the order for shipment directly to the designated “ship to” address by the retailer’s customer.

Our G-Commerce program emulates electronic data interchange (EDI) by automating the process of placing orders and tracking shipments through our internal system. This program only requires the completion of Excel documents on the part of the retailer (that’s you!) to submit orders to us.  For each order received through your e-commerce website, you will complete the appropriate Excel Order Form template (as provided by Gerson) and email it to Gerson for processing at fulfillment@gersoncompany.com. As orders are received in this inbox, we will send an automatic Order Receipt confirmation notice back to you advising that we have received and will process the order.

G-Commerce orders received through this email method are processed twice a day during regular business hours, Monday through Friday. The order then proceeds as usual with picking, packing and shipment all occurring in 1 – 2 business days. Once your G-Commerce order ships from our distribution center, another automatic email will be sent to you confirming shipment of the order and tracking details for that shipment. Then the order is complete, and the cost of the order will be invoiced to your account.

As a G-Commerce program participant, you will also receive a daily Inventory Feed. Created in Excel file format, this Inventory Feed is sent every morning with inventory levels for each of your drop ship product selections. This will afford you visibility into our inventory levels so you decide when to remove a low-stock product from your website in order to avoid/reduce order cancellations due to lack of inventory.

During the application process, you will be asked to confirm the types of Gerson products you would like to sell through your E-Commerce website. Because The Gerson Companies will be shipping directly to your end consumer, all of our drop ship products are packed 1 sellable unit per shipping case/carton. The drop ship product selection for G-Commerce includes merchandise from most product lines in the Gerson Family of Brands**: Lone Elm Studios®, Everlasting Glow®, Sterling® Christmas trees, and Gerson International™ (GIL). By special request and pre-approval, a selection of exclusive GG Collection® products can also be provided for G-Commerce program participants.

The G-Commerce product assortment is compiled of hundreds of different products, and continues to grow to include the best sellers from each season. As new catalogs are released for each product line, this assortment will have an infusion of new additions and new discontinuations. Any G-Commerce participant may choose to add all products available to them in the G-Commerce program, or make selections from the assortment as desired. You will make your product selections during the on-boarding phase, and all product data and digital assets (product images) required to load these selections onto your E-Commerce website will be provided during the selection process.

Is My Business Applicable?

G-Commerce is a solution for independent retailers interested in drop shipping with The Gerson Companies. With the e-commerce marketplace growing exponentially, we anticipate that G-Commerce will afford independent customers the ability to expand and compete in this space.

Customer Requirements: The G-Commerce program is solely reserved for retailers who intend to sell our products on their e-commerce websites, with shipment directly from our distribution center to your customers. G-Commerce is not a replenishment program, and it is not intended as an alternative method of replenishing product inventory at your distribution center or store front location.

In order to participate in this program, all you must have is a website with shopping cart functionality and an email address. The expectation is that G-Commerce will bring in additional income for your business, and it is not intended as a replacement of any current business with The Gerson Companies.

The Gerson Companies’ reserves the right to decline any applications received for G-Commerce, or remove a retailer from the program for any reason at any time.

How Do I Apply?

To complete an application for G-Commerce, please navigate to the Contact menu and go to the Apply Now under G-Commerce: www.gersoncompany.com/contact/G-Commerce/apply-now.

The application will request specific information about your current account with us (if applicable), your business’ e-commerce website and e-commerce sales history, among other important details that will be required in order to complete the on-boarding process. For more information on the application and how to complete it, please visit the the application webpage or contact our G-Commerce support team at G-Comm@gersoncompany.com.

After we receive your application for the G-Commerce program, we will send you an email communication with either acceptance or denial of the application received. If accepted, your business’ G-Commerce account will be set-up and further communication will follow regarding product selections and testing of your first orders. Once the test orders are processed to the both Gerson’s and your satisfaction, then you will be fully integrated into the G-Commerce program and may begin processing drop ship orders year-round.