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Gerson Everyday Showroom

Find a guide on how to navigate and shop using a virtual tour at the bottom of this page.

Guided Walkthrough Videos

Self-Guided 360 Walkthrough

Watch a short product video
Watch or listen to a merchant talk about products
Click on a link to the Shop Gerson product page or a digital catalog.

How to build a cart in the Shop Gerson Portal

  1. Log in to the Shop Gerson portal.
    • Use the portal screen provided on this page or open Shop Gerson in a new tab in your browser.
    • If you need help logging in please contact Gerson Customer Service at 800-444-8172.
  2.  Familiarize yourself with the Self-Guided 360 Walkthrough. A How To Navigate a Virtual Tour video is provided below.
  3. Throughout the Self-Guided 360 Walkthrough, hover over the red tags to identify what collection you are looking at. You can also click on “View Floor Plan” at the bottom left-hand of the 360 Walkthrough to identify specific areas of the showroom.
  4. If you like an item in a collection:
    1. Navigate to the Shop Gerson Portal (below the tour or in a separate tab)
    2. Under “Search By Category”, click on the brand you are shopping – more options will appear under the brand.
    3. Click on the collection you want to view and browse the items in the collection.
    4. When you find the item you like, click on the image or text
    5. The product page will open and you can ADD TO CART!
  5. Having trouble finding an item in Shop Gerson? Use a Digital Catalog to search for products.
    1. Throughout the Self-Guided 360 Walkthrough, hover over the blue tags in various sections and click on the linked texted. This will open up a new tab with a digital catalog.
    2. Using the filter options within the digital catalog you can filter to view product in a specific area of the showroom or filter by product type.
    3. Use these filters to find the product you are looking for.
    4. Identify the product number.
    5. Under “Quick Order” in the shop Gerson portal, click on “Advanced Order Entry”.
    6. Enter the item number, quantity, and unit of measure you want for that item.
      • Enter as many items as necessary.
    7. Click Add to Cart!
  6. Take your time exploring the showroom and selecting products. You can always come back to your cart at a later time.
  7. Review your cart in Shop Gerson and finalize your product selections.

If you wish to make selections using only a digital catalog please watch Chapter 2 of the How to use digital catalogs video (coming soon).

Helpful Videos

Using the Shop Gerson portal
How to Navigate a Virtual Tour
Making selection with a Digital Catalog