Gerson Everyday – Virtual Tour

Gerson Everyday Showroom

Within the Gerson Everyday showroom you will find a variety of home decor and giftable products that are available to order year-round! Brands included in the Everyday showroom are: Lone Elm Studios® , Everlasting Glow®,  The GG Collection®, Luminara® and Matchless Candle Co.®, Illumaflame, and select Garden Meadow® products. 

Learn more about each brand.

Self-Guided 360 Walkthrough

Watch a short product video
Watch or listen to a merchant talk about products
Click on a link to open a digital catalog.
  1. A How to Navigate a Virtual Tour video is provided at the bottom of this page.
  2. Throughout the self-Guided 360 Walkthrough, hover over the red tags to identify what collection you are looking at. You can also click on “View Floor Plan” at the bottom left-hand of the 360 Walkthrough to identify specific areas of the showroom.
  3. Hover over the green tags to watch short product videos.
  4. Hover over the blue tags to open a link to a digital catalog.
    • Digital Catalogs can be helpful tools to find more product information or identify a specific item number. 
    • Watch a video about How to Use Digital Catalogs at the bottom of this page.

Gerson’s knowledgable merchants walk you through our beautiful Everyday showroom! Watch the videos to get exclusive information about industry trends, new products, and top-sellers in the market. Once you are more familiar with our product and brands start shopping!

Shop Gerson Portal Access

  1. Log in to the Shop Gerson portal.
    • Use the portal screen provided below or open Shop Gerson in a new tab in your browser.
    • If you need help logging in please contact Gerson Customer Service at 800-444-8172.
  2. Under “Search by Category”, click on the brand you want to shop. Once you click on the brand, subcategory options will appear under.
  3. Click on the subcategory you would like to shop.
  4. Select an item and Add to Cart!

Add items to your cart quickly if you already know the item number. This tool will add to your cart in bulk and help you avoid searching each product individually.

  1. Find the “Quick Order” section of the left-hand navigation panel.
  2. Click on “Advanced Order Entry”
  3. Enter the item number, quantity, and unit of measure you want for that item.
  4. Click Add to Cart!
  5. Navigate to your cart to see the updated list.

Helpful Videos