Universal SunRay™

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Our Universal SunRay (USR) brand of floral and memorial products is steeped in the traditions of our nation. We provide the classic floral tributes for holiday remembrance, from inspirational Memorial Day products to sharing the celebration of the Christmas season. We honor our veteran’s every day of the year with patriotic red, white, and blue products in every floral category. Find everything from LED lighted tributes, to pet memorials, to small family memorial flags in this product line.

Starting May 2017, this selection of products will be considered a Book & Buy product line, and is available to purchase from twice a year. Our Gerson International Spring & Summer seasonal line includes all our USR products, including unique USR memorial and seasonal specific products.

Purchase pre-made USR items from our website or contact your Gerson representative to order all catalog items.

If you are interested in reviewing the Gerson International Spring/Summer 2018 Collection catalog, which includes all our new Universal SunRay™ products, please visit the Request A Catalog webpage under the Contact menu and complete the form to submit your request.