Flint Hills Studio™

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Flint Hills Studio™ sculptures are transformed from found everyday objects into unique, exclusive works of art. Our handcrafted, American-designed sculptures make charmed additions for any home, garden or gift giving occasion.

The Gerson Companies is excited to introduce a new product line to our Gerson Family of Brands, Flint Hills Studio™. These interesting and charming works of art are exclusive to our company, and will offer your customers something unique that they will want to proudly display in their home or yard.

The Flint Hills is a distinct region in eastern Kansas and north-central Oklahoma named for the abundant residual flint eroded from the bedrock near the surface of the land. The Flint Hills have the most dense coverage of tall-grass prairie land in North America. Native Americans found a form of mineral quartz – known as flint or chert – near the surface of the tall-grass. These earliest Americans re-purposed this mineral into durable, unique and original objects, most notably arrowheads.

Flint Hills Studio™ sculptures are designed in America and embrace the practice of fashioning found, everyday objects into exclusive, affordable and uncommon art for your home or garden. Forged out of iron and other metals, each piece comes to life with the addition of hand-painted ceramic cabinet knobs, door knobs and marbles. There is nothing quite like this in handcrafted art!

Whether you are looking for a unique gift or wanting to add to a collection, think Flint Hills Studio™. This product line is made up of 10 different types of sculptures for various uses, both indoors and outdoors. All 22 characters are unique with their own background and hobbies, making Flint Hills Studio™ a beautiful line of uniquely fun sculptures. Capture all the friends of Flint Hills to decorate a home, garden or patio.

Meet our Friends from Flint Hills Studio™

If you are interested in reviewing the Flint Hills Studio™ catalog, please visit the Request A Catalog webpage under the Contact menu and complete the form to submit your request.