Everlasting Glow®

Illuminate and Beautify
Everyday 2023

Everlasting Glow® Home combines all our Everyday LED products into one bright, beautiful collection.

The Everlasting Glow family of LED collections features a broad assortment of candles, lanterns and lighting for both indoor and outdoor use. This season there are exciting new looks in lanterns, lighted bottles and matching decor. We continue to develop new technology and innovate in the LED lighting category in order to delight and excite your customers. Be sure to check out our brand new and exclusive illumaflame™ collection, which features the most spectacularly realistic appearing flame across any flameless candle in the market. 

Gerson’s Everlasting Glow LED product line includes LED string lights, LED Candles and Lanterns, and LED Lighted Branches. Retailers may purchase these ship-at-once products in Gerson’s Everyday product line. Retailers may also purchase various Everlasting Glow products in Gerson’s seasonal Gerson International product line (GIL).


Non-Gerson customers may find more information about this Everlasting Glow LED product line by filling out the form below.

Gerson customers may purchase all Everlasting Glow Gerson Everyday products online at gersoncompany.com. Retailers may find out more information about Everlasting Glow LED Candles and Lanterns here or about Everlasting Glow LED Lighted Branches and Light Strings here.

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