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Gerson’s Company Values

May of 2016 marks The Gerson Companies’ 75th anniversary in business. The owners of this company wanted to commemorate this milestone with cementing the values and a mission statement company employees have always strived to achieve. The below values were gradually announced to employees over six weeks.

To source, design and provide exciting quality products at competitive prices delivered accurately, efficiently and with integrity.

G – Get It Done
An attitude of whatever it takes to facilitate success.

E – Embrace An Entrepreneurial Spirit
Adapt and look forward.

R – Rally Around Each Other
Genuinely care, respect and strive to help each other and the community.

S – Strive To Grow & Prosper
Employees see opportunities to passionately pursue enhancement of themselves and The Gerson Company.

O – Our Customers Matter
Ideas and opinions of our customers are listened to and acted upon to ensure mutual success.

N – Nurture Innovation
Provide and support the resources for bringing new products and solutions to the market.


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Important Dates:

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June 4th, 2018
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